Independant Author Editorial Services


A La Carte Or Bundled Services to help you achieve your publishing goals.

Earth Harmony Living is a stand-alone a la carte publishing and editorial service for independent authors who wish to self-publish outside of traditional and vanity publishing as well as those preparing their manuscripts for traditional publishing streams.  

We assist authors with a variety of features including consultation and coaching for authors starting the publishing process, complete editing, proofreading and illustrations.  Our services can be purchased individually or in bundles and with our in-house team, we can help make your self-publishing process easier and more streamlined. 

Our services include: Coaching and consulting, Ghostwriting, Copy Editing, Developmental Editing, Line Editing, Proofreading, Research and Fact-checking, Sensitivity Reads, Translation, ISBN's and Young writer's consultation services.


Check out our list of services and fees below. Not sure what you need, contact us for a free consultation.  We'll review your goals with you and evaluate service options. We provide a service guarantee on all our work and no upsells.


Services and Fees


Non-Fiction    0.01/word

Fiction           0.01/word

Business/Sales 0.02/word

Copy Editing

Non-Fiction     0.01/word

Fiction            0.01/word

Business/Sales  0.02/word

Developmental Editing

Non-Fiction      0.01/word

Fiction             0.01/word

Business/Sales   0.03/word

Line Editing 

Non-Fiction       0.01/word

Fiction              0.01/word

Business/Sales  0.01/word


French/ English


 0.11/0.15 /word

Coaching Services

$100/ per 2 hour session

Research & Fact Checking


Development & Content Bundle

$700.00 CAD

$500.00 CAD member discount

Full Editorial & Proofing Bundle 

$1000.00 CAD 

$800.00 CAD member discount

Additional Promotional & Press Services Bundle

$500.00 CAD

Ghostwriting  Bundle Packages            Now Available! 

$1500 or less 80,000 words

$1000 or less member discount

Aspiring Stars Services Bundle

10 Select Authors per annum

  0  Openings left 2021


Dream Catchers Service Bundle

10 Select Authors Per Annum

2 openings left 2021

Ready to Publish Bundle

Includes all editing, proofreading book cover, press release and ISBN 

$1300 CAD

$1000 CAD member discount

Additional services and bundle packages available upon request and manuscript review

Custom discounted bundled services are available.
Additional Member Discount bundles are available to:
Aspiring Authors United Members
Canada Writes Members
Self Publishing Support Group Members
Authors Supporting Authors Members
Services for Book Authors

Services are in Canadian Dollars
Contact us today for a quote for your services. 

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