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Heshe Leontess  Plague Doc Inc: First Plague Magic

Fall 2021

Vol 1. Plague Doc Inc First Plague: Magic. Enter a world where magic causes madness. Follow the tale of one not only afflicted with insanity, but expected to combat it as well.

It has been 300 years since the villainous Fox corrupted magic and plunged the world into a plague of madness. To prevent insanity's reign once again, the School of Inquiry has gathered and cultivated all plague doctors to fight against the Great Plague. All but one that is. 

Plague Doctor Rook along with its handler Nemo have lived in the capital city of Röseland for nearly two years and have still yet to make a proper name for themselves as mercenaries. Will the happenchance meeting of an Official Guard make their lives and wallets fuller, or simply result in further disappointment and heartache?

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K.B Lacey   The Audience Within 

Fall 2021

In a world filled with various marketing calls to action and requests to subscribe and follow, we respond to anything that wows us. Most of the time, the wow factor is temporary.


Are you tired of being an underwhelmed audience to someone else's side-show? Then it's time to take steps to follow your own call to action.


For years I attempted to duplicate successful social strategies but was consistently unsuccessful.


What went wrong? I was chasing other people's concepts and neglected the pursuit of my own dreams.


Let me show you how I finally broke free from that cycle.

It's time to Unsubscribe and find Your Audience Within.  Fall 2021

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Kaitlyn A Hambrick  Cinder Rose Trilogy: Blood & Roses

Winter 2021

Cinder Rose, a cynical teen, spent her life running from bullies and abuse. Growing up with a military dad and a drug-addicted mom made her home life difficult but the real threats roamed the halls of her school. Graduation is fast approaching when her world crumbles around her leaving her at the end of her rope and ready to end it all. When a deal, too good to be true, offers her an escape she takes it, unaware of the hell she stumbled into.

Plunged into a world of chaos and deceit, Cinder must unravel the truth of her past before it is too late. With the help of her newfound friends, she delves into the depths of hell to find the truth of who she really is. With temptation around every corner and death lingering in the shadows she can only trust herself, or can she?

Demons and Angels. Life and Death. Love and Betrayal. Everything she thought to be true was ripped away. Can Cinder Make it in this new world or will the ghosts of her past destroy her very soul and leave her at the mercy of her demons.

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